“Social Distancing” Printed Tape

“Social Distancing” Printed Tape

The tape is made from high tensile Oriented Polypropylene film, which cannot be torn by hand and is coated with a strong synthetic rubber adhesive.  The printed tape adheres strongly to the applied surface, yet it can still be easily unwound from the roll.

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  • Features

    • Printed with "Social Distancing โปรดเว้นระยะห่าง" in large clear letters
    • The printing is done on the underside of the film, making the print resistant to scratching and/or peeling
    • Manufactured using Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) film, which has a high tensile strength and cannot be torn by hand
    • The OPP film is coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive for strong holding power
    • Easy to unwind from the roll with low release force
    • Cost effective as one roll can replaces 135 stickers
  • Applications

    • Suitable to be used in high traffic areas of factories, shops, and offices to clearly marks the queuing spots based on the recommended social distancing guidelines
  • Specification

    Brand Adhesive Type Thickness Length Core Size
    LOUIS #P554 Synthetic Rubber Based 40µm ±2µm 45Y 3 inches