Privacy Policy

Louis Adhesive Tapes Co., Ltd. (“the company”) has provided this privacy policy notice for our customers including prospective customers, users and visitors (“you” or “customers”) whom have been informed to collect, use and disclosure of general personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (“Personal Data Protection Act”). By this privacy notice, we will inform you about how the company collects, uses or discloses your personal information, types of information and the purpose of doing and details about the retention period, disclosure of Personal Information to third parties, your rights, confidentiality and security of your personal data and how you can contact us.

1. Definition of Personal Information

 “Personal Data” means information about an individual which enables that person to be identified either directly or indirectly, subject to applicable law.

2. Collection of personal information

2.1 Personal data collected

The Company collects your personal information as following:

  • First name, last name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Social media contact information ( LINE ID, Facebook ID)
  • Other personal data that you have provided to the company

2.2 Methods of collecting personal information

The Company will collect personal information through several channels. We will receive your information directly with the company or through the website or other websites or from indirect sources such as from other organizations or security service providers or social media platforms, etc.

2.3 Period for collecting personal information

The Company will collect your personal information for the purposes stated for as long as you are our customers. We will keep and use for 10 years after the end of your being a customer of the company if it is necessary for the purpose of collecting personal data or as required by law.

3. Purpose of collecting personal data

The Company will collect, use and/or disclose various information including your personal information as it is necessary for the legitimate interests of the company or with your consent or for other legitimate reasons as necessary for the following purposes:

  • To use to manage your information for marketing activities in accordance with the terms and conditions of participation in each activity.
  • To provide information, advice, public relations about products, services or marketing activities through the channels you have provided including for the presentation of our products and services.
  • To develop products and services as well as promotional activities and marketing activities.
  • To communicate, respond and assist you for after-sales service.
  • To confirm identity before providing services to you.
  • For research and development of our products and services.
  • To provide service and/or for communication, postal delivery such as contacting inquiries about satisfaction with the company’s products and services, notifications of promotional events or special discounts.
  • To perform the contract.
  • To comply with the law and/or for the public interest.
  • To prevent or suppress danger to life, body or health of a person.

If you do not provide your personal information, the company may not be able to provide services to you in some cases.

4. Protection of personal information

The Company will keep your personal information very well in accordance with technical measures. and administrative measures to maintain the security of the appropriate processing of personal data and prevent infringement, loss, access, destruction, use, conversion, alteration, misuse or disclose personal information outside the intended purpose.

In this regard, you are free to give your consent for the company to collect, use or disclose your personal information. The Company will not stipulate conditions for giving consent to access the service or enter a contract with the company. If the personal data is not necessary or relevant for entering a contract or receiving the service.

In addition, the company also requires employees, personnel, agents and recipients of information from the company to have a duty to keep your personal information confidential and secure in accordance with the measures set by the company when there is any action to take with your personal information.

In case, the owner of the personal data is under the age of majority considered a minor under the civil and commercial code your consent requires the consent of the parent having the power to act on your behalf. If the person giving consent is a minor under 10 years old, the consent must be obtained from the person exercising parental power directly.

In case, the owner of personal data is an incompetent person or a quasi-incompetent person, the consent must be obtained from the curator or guardian who has the power to act on behalf of the incompetent or quasi-incompetent person.

The Company will ensure that your information is accurate, current, complete and does not cause misunderstandings.

5. Disclosure of personal information

5.1 Types of recipients of personal data

In conducting business, the company is obliged to disclose necessary personal information to service companies and the company’s business partners such as marketing analytics services freight forwarding security protection development application, promotional activities communication, postal delivery of various parcels and other disclosures in accordance with the purposes for using the information under 3.

6. Rights of the Personal Data Subject

You have the following rights under the rules in accordance with the general data protection laws of Thailand in force.

  • You can withdraw your consent by contacting the channels that the company prepared according to article 8, the company would like to inform that if you withdraw your consent you may lose the right to receive information, news or benefits including special privileges and activities of the company.
  • You can request access, copy, amend or update your personal information to be accurate, current, complete and not cause misunderstanding.
  • You can request disclosure of the acquisition of your personal data that you did not give consent.
  • You have the right to request the company send or transfer your personal data to another personal data controller.
  • You can object to the collection, use, disclosure of personal information or suspend the use of personal information in some cases.
  • You can request company to delete, destroy or make personal information and non-personally identifiable in some cases.
  • You can file a complaint with the competent government agency.

7. Use of cookies

  • “Cookies” are small computer data that are stored in the browser of the user to collect information about visiting the website. For the improvement of the website and better service.
  • The Company will store cookies or similar technologies to improve the efficiency for use of the platform and the accessibility of the company’s services through the internet. It will be used for the following cases:
    • To enable you to log in to your account in the company’s platform; continuously and safely
    • To collect information about your use of the platform including the platform model you have set up.
    • To collect information about your usage patterns and interests for develop and improve the website to meet your interests as much as possible and can use the website faster and more efficient.
  • Types of cookies used by the Company
    • Necessary cookies: required for website operation to allow normal access to the website in accordance with the basic functions and security features of the website.
    • Functional cookies: help perform certain functions such as sharing website content on social media platforms, collecting feedback and other features third party.
    • Performance cookies: used to understand and analyze your website’s key performance index. This helps to provide a better user experience for visitors.
    • Analytics cookies: used to understand how visitors interact with the website. It also provides information about traffic metrics, bounce rate, and traffic sources.
    • Advertising cookies: used to provide relevant advertisements and marketing campaigns to visitors. These cookies track website visitors and collect information to show you personalized advertisements.
    • Other cookies: These are cookies that are being analyzed and are not fully categorized.

8. Setting and refusing cookies

You can opt out of cookies based on your preferences by your browser settings or privacy settings to stop the collection of information in the future. You may not be able to use some or all functions on the company’s website. effectively

You can manage cookies in your browser by setting with the following methods

9. Updates to the Privacy Policy

The company reserves the right to amend and update this privacy policy whereby the company will notify you of the amendment. In addition, the company may notify you of additional details about your personal data such as the purpose for collecting your personal data. In the case of other than this policy, the amendment of this privacy policy or other details relating to personal data will be effective as soon as the company has notified you as the company deems appropriate. Your consent must be obtained by law in which case amendments to this privacy policy or any other details regarding the privacy policy will become effective when the company with your consent.

10. Contact us

In case you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding this policy or want to request to withdraw your rights. You can contact the company or a personal data protection officer through the following channels.

  • Telephone number: 02-287-2100 # Marketing Department
  • Line OA: @louistapes
  • Email:
  • Contact location: Louis Adhesive Tapes Co., Ltd. 1070 Soi Suanphlu, Sathon Tai Road, Thung Mahamek, Sathon Bangkok 10120

The company is welcome to answer any questions, listen to suggestions and comments that will be useful to improve the service of the website and the company’s service in the future.