The Differences between Gravure and Flexo Printing

Louis Adhesive Tapes is now able to produce Printed tape using two distinctly different methods: Gravure printing and Flexo printing.

We can use either method to tailor-make a printing solution to suit your individual needs.

The differences between the two methods are outlined below.

Gravure Printed Tape


  1. Can print up to 6 colors.
  2. Colors can be produced with shading.
  3. Scratch proof printing, as your design is printed on the underside of the film.
  4. The cost-effective option for high volume orders.


  1. Minimum production quantity is higher than for a Flexo printed tape.
  2. Higher initial setup cost due to the need to make a printing block per color.
  3. Can print on OPP film only.
  4. Production lead time is about 20 working days

Flexo Printed Tape


  1. Ideal for low volume production runs.
  2. No additional setup costs.
  3. Can print on multiple materials, including OPP tape and masking tape.
  4. Production lead time is approximately 7 working days.


  1. Can print a maximum of 3 colors.
  2. Color shading is not possible. Only standard colors can be used.
  3. Price per roll is higher than a Gravure printed tape.     

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