Cellulose Tape

Cellulose Tape, produced from biodegradable cellophane film, has been the company flagship product for over four decades.  Its reputation in the market is achieved from the high quality film which is easy to be torn by hand as well as the efficient rubber-based adhesive coating.

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  • Features

    • Made from environmental-friendly, biodegradable cellophane film. The film is transparent, strong but easy to be torn by hand.
    • Natural rubber solvent-based adhesive delivers strong adhesive property.
    • Available in shrink pack, paper box, and tin box.
  • Applications

    • Ideal for general sealing, packing, fixing, and mending applications.
    • Suitable for home, offices, and industrial uses.
    • Uses where biodegradable tape is required.
  • Specification

    Code No.

    Adhesive Type



    Core Size


    Rubber Solvent Based

    46µ ± 10%


    1 &3 inches

    *Custom sizes available upon request