Bio-degradable Packaging Tape

Bio-degradable Packaging Tape

Our biodegradable clear tape is made from a premium grade of Cellulose, with the films raw materials being sourced from sustainably harvested timber plantations. The tape is rated to be over 99% compostable and is a complete departure from your traditional clear adhesive tape. It can easily be torn by hand and is slightly yellow in colour, due to the natural rubber adhesive. The tapes core and packaging are made from recycled cardboard.

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  • Features

    • Made from a premium grade cellulose film.
    • Can be easily torn by hand, without the need for a dispenser.
    • Natural Rubber adhesive ensures a secure seal every time.
    • The tape core and carton are made from 100% recycled paper.
    • The words "Biodegradable / Plant-based Cellulose Tape” are highlighted on the packaging.
    • Internationally Certified to the ISO 17088 standard.
  • Applications

    • Excellent for heavy-duty carton sealing and general packaging.
    • For packaging that requires the Environmentally Friendly solution.
  • Specification

    Brand Adhesive Type Thickness Length Core Size
    LOUIS Green Natural Rubber 46µm ± 10% 20Y 3 Inches