“Fragile” Printed Kraft Tape

“Fragile” Printed Kraft Tape

Our premium grade kraft tape exhibits high tensile strength and low elongation while still easy to be torn by hand. The tape functions very well in high humidity and high or low temperature environment. Suitable for sealing medium to heavy cartons, frozen food, and products for export. Perfect to highlight the delicate nature of your packaged goods.

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  • Features

    • Backing made from premium grade kraft paper is very strong with good shock resistance but easy to be hand ripped.
    • Silicone coated kraft paper has excellent moisture resistance.
    • High and low temperature resistance.
    • Natural rubber-based adhesive.
    • The word "Fragile / Handle with Care” highlights your packaging.
  • Applications

    • Excellent for heavy-duty carton sealing and general packaging.
    • For packaging that requires the delivery service to be reminded to handle with care.
  • Specification

    Brand Adhesive Type Thickness Length Core Size
    LOUIS Rubber Solvent Based 144 µm ± 10% 25 Yard 3 Inches