Printed Masking Tape (Printed “To – From”)

Printed Masking Tape (Printed “To – From”)

Printed Masking tape with a “To & From” Label pattern for attaching to gifts, envelopes, documents, or general items assigned to an addressee. The tape is made from high quality crepe paper and coated with natural rubber adhesive. The tape can be easily torn by hand and will accept pen, pencil, or permanent markers.

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  • Features

    • The high-quality printing makes a great alternative to stickers.
    • Made from a robust natural colored crepe paper that will attach to any surface.
    • Coated with a natural rubber adhesive, it holds strongly, but will not leave any residue behind once removed.
    • Simple to use and easily torn by hand.
    • Able to be written on with pen, pencil, or permanent markers.
    • Each roll of Masking Tape contains 3 patterns and can be divided into 180 separate pcs.
  • Applications

    • For attaching to gifts, envelopes, or documents in a stylish and convenient manner.
  • Specification

    Brand Adhesive Type Thickness Length Core Size
    LOUIS M355 Rubber Solvent Based 135µm ± 10% 20Y 3 inches