50th Anniversary Thank you Party : Time for Prime

Louis Adhesive Tapes Co., ltd organized a celebration for its 50th anniversary on Saturday, June 24, 2023, at the Centara Grand Hotel at Central World. The event was staged to express heartfelt gratitude to many of the customers who have helped
Louis Tapes to become the success that it is today.

The event kicked off with a Photo Backdrop zone for taking pictures with
the management team, creating lasting memories of this special occasion.

The Exhibition Zone showcased the company’s history, from its establishment and
to the production of various types of adhesive tapes. It also displayed samples of
the raw materials used in tape production and highlighted products offered by
the company, including both standard and custom-printed tapes. Visitors had the great pleasure of receiving information from the management team while exploring
the exhibition.

Exhibition Zone 1: Company History

This zone narrated the company’s history, from its founding, the production of different types of adhesive tapes, the installation of machinery and achieving international standards certification.

Exhibition Zone 2: Raw Materials and Quality Control

In this zone, the various raw materials used in tape production were showcased; such as Cellulose film, OPP film, kraft paper and crepe paper. Additionally, samples of various adhesive types were displayed; including block, sheet and liquid adhesives.

Exhibition Zone 3: Production Technology

This zone highlighted the production technologies employed in adhesive tape manufacturing, covering adhesive production, the coating process, tape cutting and the installation of the Solvent Recovery System to prevent air pollution.

Exhibition Zone 4: Standard Adhesive Tape Products

In this section, detailed information about the different types of standard adhesive tapes was provided, along with product samples for a hands-on experience.

Exhibition Zone 5: Custom-Printed Tape Products

The Custom-Printed Tape zone showcased the printing systems and featured samples of both the company’s logo tape and specific designs that have been produced on behalf of satisfied customers.

Inside the hall, the celebration commenced with a warm welcome by
Mr. Teepakorn Chinupagunphong, the Managing Director of
Louis Adhesive Tapes Co., Ltd. Mr. Teepakorn also proudly invited
the first-generation management team to join the event as the guests of honor.

The banquet featured an international buffet of savory and sweet delicacies, accompanied by live music from the talented “Samsen Jai” band, which added to
the delight of the dining experience.

Furthermore, a special Lucky Draw with prizes worth over 200,000 Baht was arranged for the esteemed guests who attended the celebration.

The grand prizes included five 1-Baht gold pieces.

and ten Central Gift Cards worth 5,000 Baht each.

As a token of appreciation and in commemoration of the 50-year celebration, souvenir gifts were offered to all in attendance. Inside, each gift contained a Digital Clock with QI Charger, symbolizing the cherished memories created on this special day and throughout the 50-year journey.

Photos from the Event