Announcing a Special Collaboration! Louis Tape x Smileyhound

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Louis Tape, the adhesive tape products company, they have joined hands with Smileyhound to create a special collection of products with modern concepts and designs that stand out.

Louis Tape x Smileyhound Logo

This collaboration is undeniably a perfect match. The concept for the collection revolves around one central element – ‘adhesive tape,’ which is the core product of Louistapes. Smileyhound has ingeniously incorporated this idea into their graphics, creating a fun design that uses tape to form the letters. Additionally, the logo of Louis tapes is also integrated into the graphics, making it a beautiful, playful and highly successful collaboration logo.

This special collection consists of various items; including round-neck shirts, polo shirts, bags, hats, umbrellas and neck pillows. The primary colors used in the collection are Louis Tape’s signature blue, green and red.

But it’s not just fashionable products;
it comes with and extra special offer – a cute
washi tape with patterns will be given
for free with every purchase from this collection.

For those who wish to be the proud owner of these exclusive items, you can find them at one of Smileyhound’s 12 branches or online at Hurry and reserve yours now because the products are limited in quantity!

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Instagram : louistapes.officiaal

In addition, Louis Tape is running fun activities on their Facebook and Instagram pages, where you have the opportunity to win special prizes from the Louis Tape x Smileyhound Collection. The activities will be open until August 4, 2023.

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For those who are interested in the behind-the-scenes of this special collaboration, you can read interviews with the CEO of Louistapes and the Creative Director of Smileyhound here:

Louis Tape x Smileyhound ไลฟ์สไตล์คอลเลกชันสุดชิค สุดยูนีค ที่ต้องมีในครอบครอง! (

Thanks to the photo by Soimilk

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