Printed Japanese Rice Paper Tape (ARTSTORY Design)

Printed Japanese Rice Paper Tape (ARTSTORY Design)

A very special collaboration has taken place between “Louis Fun” and “ARTSTORY by Autistic Thai”, to create Printed Japanese Rice Paper Tape.  The tapes feature 3 designs created by autistic children for the program “SAVE THE WORLD”.  Conveying the strength of environmentally friendliness. Made from Japanese Rice Paper and coated with a natural rubber glue, the tape can be applied smoothly to all surfaces, is easily torn by hand, and can be removed without leaving residue or damaging the paper. In addition, the wrapping is made from a cellophane film which biodegrades naturally.

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  • Features

    • Unique designs, offering outstanding beauty.
    • Made from a smooth Japanese Rice Paper (Washi Paper) that will attach easily to any surface.
    • Coated with a Natural Rubber Glue that bonds strongly to the surface but removes cleanly without leaving residue.
    • Easily torn by hand and convenient to use.
    • Tape core is made from recycled paper and the wrapping is a biodegradable cellophane film.
    • The featured designs are: Green, Trees, and Love.
  • Applications

    • For beautification of envelopes, notebooks, diaries, and stationery.
    • Great for wrapping gifts or special packaging.
  • Specification

    Brand Adhesive Type Thickness Length Core Size
    LOUIS FUN Rubber Solvent Based 100 µm ± 10 µm 5M 1 Inch

    *Custom sizes available upon request