Antistatic Tape

Antistatic Tape

The tape suppresses static electricity both during unwinding from a roll and during removal from a surface.  Suitable for sensitive electronic parts, medical equipment, precision components or other applications in static-sensitive areas.

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  • Features

    • Biodegradable cellulose film coated with natural rubber-based adhesive.
    • Surface resisitivity (ASTM-D257):
      • Film side - 6 x 108 Ohms.
      • Adhesive side - 5 x 109 Ohms.
    • Suppresses static during unwinding from roll and during removal from a surface.
    • Available in clear and printed ESD susceptibility symbol.
    • Alternative to: Tesa #53205; Shurtape #CT109; Clipper #4206; Scapa #1109 and Intertape #MC-1
  • Applications

    • Sealing ESD bags and other ESD packaging/container.
    • Secure (bundle) IC DIP tubes.
    • Ideal for general applications in static-sensitive areas.
    • Suitable for sensitive electronic parts, clean rooms, medical equipment, or precision components.
  • Specification

    Code No.

    Adhesive Type



    Core Size


    Rubber Solvent Based

    46μ ± 10%

    66 M

    3 inches

    *Custom sizes available upon request