Why is printed tape important to your business?

How can printed tape increase your sales? Let’s start by getting to know the printed tape options that are available to you!

Private Label printed tape

The tape is made specifically to represent your business, you choose both the design and the colours. We utilize your logo, your brand, your colour scheme. We can also customize the width and length of the tape, based on your requirements.

Character printed tape

We have a range of printed tapes where the emphasis is on cuteness, uniqueness and functionality. The tapes in this range can carton sealing, ecommerce parcels and even used to add decorative touches to gift packaging to enhance creativity and beauty.

Application tape

Printed Masking tape with a “To & From” Label pattern for attaching to gifts, envelopes, documents, or general items assigned to an addressee. The tape is made from high quality crepe paper and coated with natural rubber adhesive. The tape can be easily torn by hand and will accept pen, pencil, or permanent markers.

Now that you’re familiar with our range, it’s time to highlight a few tips and tricks to help you get the most from your investment.

Make your brand easier to remember

It goes without saying that the products that you sell are the quality that your customers deserve. But have you thought of how to best link that perception of quality back to your brand? A great way of reminding customers of where their quality product came from is with Private Label tape. The Private Label tape will be the first thing to catch their eye as their order is delivered. It’s also the cost-effective option when compared to branded boxes. Create a more premium look and elevate your customers experience with Private Label tape.

Add functionality to beauty

Have you ever tried to free 2 birds with 1 key? Well you can if you think a little bit outside the box with the design of your Private Label tape. Apart from just having your brand on the tape, we can also include your web address, a phone number or even a QR Code that provides a direct link to wherever you want your customers to go next! The tape will maintain is beauty, but with that added convenience for your customers.

Prevent copying

It’s not uncommon for a successful business to face the threat from people trying to copy what you do. Competitors will often source similar products and target your customers. Using a well thought out design with your Private Label tape will help to provide your customers with the confidence of knowing that their delivery is coming from you and not some cheap copycat.

Reduce the risk of damage

It’s important that your product is delivered to your customer in the same condition as when it left your hands. An effective way to do that is with warning label tape. Tape can be printed with messages that help to ensure that your delivery team pays more attention to the safety of your product. Just saying fragile may sometimes not be enough, a tape printed with “Do not throw, be careful not to break” may have far more impact for the handler. Remember, quite often customers will not blame the delivery company if their purchase arrives damaged, but instead will blame you!

Add flair and friendliness

Sometimes the simplest idea is often the best. Selecting a tape from our Character printed tape range is uncomplicated, but can be just as impactful. A tape that simply says “Thank you, packed with love” maybe all that your customer needs to see to appreciate your business. A very friendly way for you to express gratitude for your customer’s support.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about printed tape. If there’s any questions that we haven’t answered or if you’d like to enquire about ordering printed tape, please use the following link to find out more: https://louistapes.com/product-category/printed-tape-th/