Louis Green is taking care of the Planet

The move towards more environmentally friendly products has become second nature for many people and Louis Tapes undeniably shares that mindset. We’ve been working hard to develop products that are friendly for the environment, easy for customers to use and that still deliver the performance that you’ve comes to expect from Louis Tapes. We’re therefore proud to introduce you to a range of products that have been created under the Louis Green brand, a brand dedicated to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Bio-degradable tape

Bio-degradable Tape

Our biodegradable clear tape is made from a premium grade of Cellophane, with the films raw materials being sourced from sustainably harvested timber plantations. The tape is rated to be 99% compostable and is a complete departure from your traditional clear adhesive tape. It can easily be torn by hand and is slightly yellow in colour, due to the natural rubber adhesive. The tapes core and packaging are made from recycled cardboard. The biodegradable clear tapes are available in 2 core sizes and a variety of lengths.

Louis Green small core tape

Louis Green 3/4 in. x 20 m (1 in. core)

The biodegradable small core clear tape is the perfect option for the environmentally friendly office and is suitable for all office paperwork. Ideal for attaching to documents or for sealing envelopes, wrapping gifts, closing bags or ecommerce packaging. Work that requires a delicate touch will also benefit from this very user-friendly tape.

Biodegradable Packaging Tape (Printed “Biodegradable”) 2 inches x 20 yards (3 inches core)

Biodegradable carton sealing tape comes printed with “Biodegradable” and “Plant-Based Cellulose Tape” on the surface of the tape, making certain that customers are fully aware of its nature. The film is coated with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive and suitable for sealing medium weight cartons.

Louis Green carton sealing tape

Non-PE Kraft Tape

Non-PE Kraft Tape

Made from a quality kraft paper that is coated with a natural rubber adhesive, but is free of Polyethylene (PE). The tape has a matte finish and can be written with various pens & markers. Although the tape can easily be torn by hand, it still maintains its tensile strength and is suitable for medium to heavy duty cartons. The aggressive natural rubber adhesive provides a strong seal every time and displays a tolerance to low temperatures, making it a great choice for cool rooms & freezer storage. The absence of PE makes this user-friendly tape more environmentally friendly than regular Kraft tape

Louis Tapes also incorporates several environmentally friendly strategies in the production process, including the use of filtered rain water and a solvent recovery system.

Thank you for your interest in Louis Tapes and for our commitment to taking care of the Planet. We would be grateful if you would please show your support by clicking on the following link to purchase our products, click here!