Printed Tapes that Create a Sense of Fun with Cute Designs and Add a Uniqueness to Your Packaging

It’s common for packing tapes to be either clear or brown OPP, but printed tapes can add interest to your package and also add a touch of beauty to a plain carton.

Louis Tapes has created a range of printed tape for sealing cartons and E-commerce parcels. You can choose between printed tape with creative text only or combined with illustrative cartoons. The printed tape designs include messages such as “Thank You”, “Pack with Love” & “You smile, I smile”. Helping you to share special messages with customers, friends and loved ones.

Our range of printed tapes allows you to skip the queue waiting on production and lets you choose between several attractive designs. The range includes the following:

“Thank you” Printed tape : Black on Brown, Orange on White and White on Pink

“Khob Khun” Printed tape : White on Green, Yellow on Purple and White on transparent

“Handle with Care” Printed tape : Black on blue and Black on transparent

“Pack with Love” Printed tape : Orange and White on Blue, Brown and Red on Cream and Green and Cream on Pink

“Smile” Printed tape : Green on transparent, Pink on transparent and Purple on transparent

In addition, A very special collaboration has taken place between “Louis Fun” and “ARTSTORY by Autistic Thai”, to create Printed Japanese Rice Paper Tape.  The tapes feature 3 designs created by autistic children and made from Japanese Rice Paper. The tape can be applied smoothly to all surfaces, is easily torn by hand, and can be removed without leaving residue or damaging the paper. In addition, the wrapping is made from a cellophane film which biodegrades naturally.

Printed Japanese Rice Paper Tape (ARTSTORY Design) : Green, Trees, and Love

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