What’s the difference between Cellulose Tape and OPP Tape?

It’s quite easy for people to confuse Cellulose Tape with OPP tape, since on the surface there doesn’t appear to be any real difference. However, in actual fact these two types of tape are incredibly different.  Please allow Louis Tape to help you to look below the surface to compare and contrast the differences.

Cellulose Tape

Cellulose Tape products

Cellulose Tape has a soft yellow colour and is made from a cellophane film that is coated with a natural rubber adhesive. An outstanding feature of the tape is that it can be easily torn by hand, without the need for scissors or a cutter and yet it can still maintain tensile strength. Making the tape extremely versatile to use for a multitude of applications, including general office applications, gift wrapping and sealing cartons. Perhaps most importantly, the cellulose film can also be biodegradable. A perfect option for the environmentally friendly office, warehouse or factory.

OPP Tape (Transparent Tape)

OPP Tape products

OPP tape is manufactured by using Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) film, it has high tensile strength and cannot be torn by hand. The colour of the tape will depend on the type of adhesive that is coated onto the film. Louis Tapes uses either a natural rubber adhesive or an acrylic water-based adhesive. The natural rubber adhesive will make the tape appear yellow and has a more aggressive adhesion.  Whilst the acrylic water-based adhesive allows the Tape to remain clear. The acrylic glue is less aggressive than natural rubber, but it’s still highly reliable for less demanding applications.

Although OPP tapes are not as user friendly as Cellulose, they have the advantage when it comes to affordability. The tapes are available in a range of sizes that are suitable for many applications. OPP tape can be used in the office, to seal ecommerce parcels and for medium to heavy duty cartons.

Cellulose Tape
OPP Tape
Cellulose TapeOPP Tape
  Production materialCellophane/cellulose film Natural Rubber AdhesiveOriented Polypropylene (OPP) film Natural Rubber or Acrylic Adhesive  
Ease of useEasily torn by hand Does not require a dispenserCannot be torn by hand. Requires a dispenser or Cutter
ColourSoft yellow tapeSoft yellow or clear tape  
PricePremium priceEconomical price
Environmentally friendlyNaturally BiodegradableNot Environmentally Friendly  
  Suitability for useExcellent for office paperwork, gift wrapping and sealing medium weight cartonsGreat for documents and sealing medium to heavy duty cartons  

In summary, although both types of tapes may look very similar, there are clear differences in terms of ease of use and practical applications. OPP tapes are more durable and can be used for far more robust applications, whilst Cellulose tapes are more user friendly and better for the environment. Cellulose tapes are a more premium product and are priced accordingly. The available range of OPP tapes is quite broad and pricing can be very economical, but can become more expensive for the most heavy-duty natural rubber adhesive tapes.  We would recommend that you always select a tape based on its intended use and not solely on the price.

Louis Tape offers both Cellulose tape and OPP tape in various widths, lengths and core size. The products are also available for sale in a comprehensive range of distribution channels.

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