Masking Tape Options – Which one is right for you?

With there being so many Masking tape options available in the market today, instead of making things easier, the large number of choices can just lead to confusion. Louis Tapes would like to help to remove the confusion by explaining the features and benefits of the Masking Tapes that are available in our range.

Louis Tapes Masking tape is made from quality crepe paper that has been coated with specially formulated natural rubber adhesives. Our Masking tapes are natural, both in terms of the cream colour and also the texture of the paper. Perhaps most importantly, our tape won’t leave behind any adhesive residue after it’s been removed from the surface where it’s been applied. The Masking tape can withstand temperatures up to 120°C for 1 hour and is suitable for a wide range of applications; including car & home painting, packaging, document work, design work and various industrial applications.

1. General Purpose Masking Tape

Masking Tape

The most popular grade of Masking tape due to its versatility, general purpose Masking tape would have been used by almost everyone at some stage during their lifetime. This grade of tape is easily torn by hand and is suitable for furniture work, drawing work, mechanic work, painting work or any multi-purpose work that requires temporary surface protection. It is also a great product for use around the home.

Advantages: Can be used in multiple applications across numerous industries.

Disadvantages: Being a general-purpose product, it’s not recommended for highly specialised applications.

2. Spray Painting Masking Tape

A higher grade of Masking tape that is suitable for use with car spray painting. The small core size making the product extremely convenient to use. The tape can withstand temperatures of up to 120*C and removes cleanly without leaving adhesive residue.

Pros: Good for car painting work. Compact size.

Disadvantages: Only available under 18mm and on a 1/4-inch core.

3. High Temperature Masking Tape

High Temperature Masking Tape

High temperature Masking tape is able to withstand temperatures of up to 150°C for a period of 1 hour. This grade is predominantly used in the automotive industry and applications that require high heat for painting.

Advantages: Specialised heat resistant tape.

Disadvantages: The purchase price is higher due the tapes specialist nature.

4. Picture Frame Backing Tape

Picture Frame Backing Tape

Picture frame tape is brown in colour and attaches seamlessly to the back of the frame. Both the paper & the adhesive are strong to ensure a permanent seal.

Advantages: The brown colour blends in well with the back of the frame.

Disadvantages: Mainly suitable for use on the back of a picture frame. There are limited sizes available.

5. Coloured Masking Tape

Colored Masking Tape

Coloured Masking Tape has the same properties as the general grade of Masking tape, however it’s available in 4 attractive colours. Suitable for product classification or book binding. It can add individuality and uniqueness to your work.

Pros: Can be used in multiple applications

Disadvantages: Not recommended for highly specialised applications

6. Printed Masking Tape (Printed “To-From”)

Printed Masking Tape

Printed Masking tape with a “To & From” Label pattern for attaching to gifts, envelopes, documents, or general items assigned to an addressee. The tape is made from high quality crepe paper and coated with natural rubber adhesive. The tape can be easily torn by hand and will accept pen, pencil, or permanent markers.

Advantages: Convenient address label.

Disadvantages: Limited space available on the tape for writing.

Louis Tapes Masking tape range includes a variety of styles, sizes and covers applications across many industries. Please select the tape that’s right for your specific application.

Should you be interested in purchasing Masking tape or any of the other products in our range directly from Louis Tapes, please click here!